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Proudly made in the USA

Resistor to Solid State Conversion Kits

for Club Cars & Ezgo Marathons
all years 36v resistor coil carts

Bring Your tired old Ezgo into the 21st Century
«  Eliminate power robbing resistor coils  » 
«   Discard the toaster oven parts ~ lol   »

Install a Solid State Speed Control System in just 2 hours.
Plug n Play
We have done all the work, simply follow the easy directions and illustrations
Modernize the old resistor coil drive system

Don't buy a new cart
modernize your cart!

We have had 100% success with this kit. All the kits installed by Customers are up and running without a hitch. That is more success than I was planning on right out of the gate but, we did do our homework on this project and the conversion itself is all unbolt that and bolt in this. There is no cutting or drilling required. A few simple hand tools are all that is needed to follow the simple directions. One customer even took the kit to the cabin at the lake with just a small tool box and was done in a couple of hours including all new cables.

 Club Car & Ezgo Conversion kits are ready to ship

The kit includes

all the electronic component mounting system

the throttle conversion

extensions & bell crank assembly

and  all the hardware needed

    Ezgo   1987 - 1992
Pre 1987 install requires additional modifications by installer. Call for info

Club Car
  1981 - 2003


Generation 3 kits
Solid State Conversion kits
Featuring easier install
now available
for Club Car & Ezgo

These kits have been successfully installed in many other make and year electric vehicles
Including Yamaha, Taylor Dunn, Westinghouse, & electric go carts
With some minor fabrication by the installers

You will also need a 2g or 4g complete cable set
available below
and a heavy duty forward & reverse switch (F&R)
- see reverse buzzer note below -

These component packages contain the mechanical throttle conversions, mounting brackets & hardware

PLUS all of the electronics you will need to make the conversion

Each component kit has different size components from  mild to wild!

Pkg C42       Neighborhood & campground use 

   This kit includes the throttle conversion kit, linkage, install hardware, PLUS

a 400 amp Alltrax controller, a 200 amp HD solenoid kit, & the potentiometer                                                                        
   Club Car $669                Ezgo $698    Sale $669

Pkg C52   
Hills, 4 passenger, bigger tires 
This kit includes the throttle conversion kit, linkage, install hardware, PLUS

 Upgraded 500 amp FSIP controller (similar to 700 model shown below) and a 200 amp HD solenoid kit, & the potentiometer

Club Car $788                Ezgo $818   Sale $788

Pkg C54     Bigger Hills, Heavier loads

Same as above but 400 amp super solenoid runs on 36 volts now and 48v later. This solenoid has bigger higher quality contacts for heavier loads.

 This kit includes the throttle conversion kit, linkage, install hardware, PLUS

Off-road  capable 500 amp FSIP controller. a 400 amp Super duty solenoid kit, & the potentiometer

Club Car $818                Ezgo $848   Sale $818

Pkg C74  Hang on.   Get 200 amps more for just $40
This 700 amp control has a peak output of 800 amps.  Good for all aftermarket Torque or Speed motors. We sell D&D motors

 This kit includes the throttle conversion kit, linkage, install hardware, PLUS

A Monster 700 amp FSIP (GE) manually adjustable controller & a 400/1000a Super Duty solenoid kit, with the potentiometer 

  Club Car $858                Ezgo $878        Sale $858

I also offer a complete cable set 4g for standard 36v systems with 6/6v batteries or 6/8v batteries

for the unheard of price of $199 and for the 48v systems with 8/6v batteries for just $225

or get a
Cable set Upgrade

2g cable sets are just $39 more ($238) when you order the conversion kit and component pkg.

mention this offer with your order to get this limited time offer


These are the same cable sets that are being copied

but not duplicated ~ elsewhere!


2g cables sets are recommended for 500 amp systems on 36v and 700 amp systems on 48v

2 g cable sets are reg $249 for the 6 battery sets

New 48v charger with built in maintainer for 48v $285

Scotty's Ultra Cool HD switch cam reduced to just $59 with the Ezgo kits

Motor upgrades available too

Fits Club Car all 1981 and up 36v
Fits Ezgo 1986-1992 36v

Easily modified to fit Ezgo 1985 and prior with
Motor protruding into the battery bay.
Requires modification.

  Email with any questions you may have at 
 order your conversion kit today! 

or 855-888-CARTS PST 9am-3pm

Customer posted this on Buggies Gone Wild

I have a '85 resistor cart, or used to have I should say. Just finished installing the conversion kit offered by ScottyB. I am new to tinkering with carts but that was an easy conversion. Great set of directions and wiring schematics. If you are considering doing this to your cart I would say go for it. Happy customer here, THANKS Scottyb.

Bring Your tired old Ezgo into the 21st Century
Eliminate power robbing resistor coils
Discard the toaster oven parts ~ lol
Install a Solid State Speed Control System in just 2 hours.

Your pre 1991 Electric golf cart has the operating system as a 1950 golf cart.

Early carts ( pre 1991) use a series of  graduated sizes of speed resistor coils to regulate speed. Each coil in the group offered less resistance than the previous one. When you stepped on the gas 100% of the available battery power (amperage) was drawn and speed was regulated by how much of this amperage was burned off (wasted) by the resistor coils. So even if you push the peddle a little it drains the batteries same as wide open throttle. The gas peddle operated a wiper which swept a contact across stationary lugs which connected to the resistors. Each resistor has a graduated resistance value which regulates how much amperage is allowed to flow to the motor ...the motor goes faster the more amperage it is allowed to draw.

This wiper contact and board assembly was subject to meltdowns from high amp arcing which resulted in every problem from no go to welded in wide open throttle position. What a nightmare!

Modern carts use solid state speed control. These controllers only draw as many amps as you ask for with the peddle.... If you push the peddle down 10% they deliver 10% of their capacity. I say their capacity because a controller is like a gate valve (or a hose bib) to the amperage stored in the batteries... We have different size controllers(valves) available so 10% of a 400 amp is less than 10% of a 650 amp controller.

 Increased Amperage = Increased Torque

 Increased Voltage =  Increased Speed

The solid state controller does not waste any amps and this will increases the run time.

I hope this helps you

understand how your cart works!

Enjoy the Ride

All of the prices here are discounted to reflect a bundled merchandise purchase.

If you are considering upgrading your cart to 48 volts or converting to solid state speed control, then give me a call to discuss your project.
 I'm sure you have some questions I can answer. I would be happy to help you decide if these upgrades fit your needs.
Call to order

Reverse Buzzer Note:
Some customers have expressed desire to have a reverse buzzer or back-up alarm functional on their cart.
The simple heavy duty (HD) forward and reverse switch (F&R) which sells for $99 does not allow for this function.
Order F&R-MS2 for the additional reverse buzzer function
F&R-MS2 $139

Due to model changes and the individual needs I ask you to call to order
so I can insure you get the kit which best fits your needs.
Thank you
Toll Free

It runs !  (my 1983 Ezgo conversion to solid state)

Thanks to you! I really appreciate all of your help. You have the best customer service in the world!
I'm really excited about driving the cart again!

Thank You for your help. The conversion is done everything is working excellent. It was an easy install with your help, the instruction and diagrams were perfect. Thank you for taking the time to compile complete instruction, diagrams, and taking the time on the phone to get me  the kit that would best fit my needs. I Charged the batteries last night (38.3 Volt this morning) went for a little run this morning 19 MPH. I will tell everyone you are the go to guy.

Everett L. Watson
Anderson, Indiana