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Check us out for all your
Electric Golf Cart Performance Parts 
Take the guess work out of upgrading your cart for Hunting,
Street Racing,
Neighborhood cruising,
Farm & Ranch work,

or Off-Road Enjoyment

Whether you use your cart for Work or Play
Bundled performance kits insure you get the right components
that are matched up for the reliable performance !


Performance Means Having the Power to GO and STOP on a dime. Check out the Economical 2 wheel Cable Disc Setup By Ausco
Once you increase Your Speed ~ You Need to increase your Stopping Power
~ Remember Safety First ~

Your Series Forward & Reverse  (F&R) Switch

I recommend this for carts under 10 years old
Carts over 10 yrs have significant F&R wear which diminishes the Switch Cams performance
Older carts should receive a complete F&R.

  Scottyb's Custom HD Forward & Reverse Switch
with my Ultra Cool Buss Bars installed for $169

Made from the best
Heat Resistant
Copper Alloys

  I use Ultra Conductive Alloys designed to run Ultra Cool
My Heavy Duty Switch Cam will deliver the amperage your motor craves
with the least amount of resistance.
Improve performance & reduced heat at the same time !

The Ultra Cool Switch Cam can reduce temps in your F&R by as much as 70 degrees
That can be the difference between being stuck in the woods
~ or back on the couch ~
If you make any upgrades to your Ezgo Series cart then you need this Switch Cam.
It is a simple 15 minute install
No Wires to disconnect

Simple Detailed instructions & Repair manual exploded views provided

Heavy Duty Switch Cam for all Series Ezgo 1971 & up
$69 & $6 Gets you 3 day USPS delivery
Excellent written instruction & repair clear legible exploded view pictures make this a very simple upgrade.
Phone & online tech support available
Our customers have tested & dummy proofed our instructions ..... lol
Some mechanical ability required and one 9/16 wrench ('94 & up)

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Important store policy : We will do our best to answer your questions and provide suggestions based upon our experience but, we are not engineers.  Proper component matching & selection is an important part of the design process, please do your research before placing orders. We regret that we can not accept returns of previously installed electronic equipment.